Mick Jenkins 攜手 JID 釋出全新單曲「煙斷舞痕」:勢必成為嘻哈界的經典之作!”Mick Jenkins feat. JID – Smoke Break-Dance”

Mick Jenkins,這位來自芝加哥的嘻哈藝人,最近發布了他的新單曲 “Smoke Break-Dance”。這首歌曲特別邀請了嘻哈藝人JID參與,並由Stoic製作。這首歌曲的歌詞主要圍繞著煙霧和生活的主題,描繪出一種放鬆和享受當下的氛圍。

Mick Jenkins對自我意識的反思

在Mick Jenkins的歌詞部分,他描述了他為何 keep smoke,並將這種行為與他的生活和音樂創作相關聯。他的歌詞充滿了對生活的觀察和反思,以及對音樂的熱愛。他用獨特的方式表達了他的生活觀察,並透過他的音樂,讓聽眾感受到他的生活經驗和情感。


在JID的歌詞部分,他描述了他如何為了音樂和生活而 keep smoke。他的歌詞充滿了對生活的觀察和反思,以及對音樂的熱愛。他用獨特的方式表達了他的生活觀察,並透過他的音樂,讓聽眾感受到他的生活經驗和情感。

Andre Muir

這首歌曲的MV由Andre Muir導演,並由Introts混音和製作。視頻的視覺效果和音樂的節奏相得益彰,創造出一種獨特的氛圍。這種視覺效果不僅增強了歌曲的吸引力,也讓聽眾更深入地理解歌曲的主題和歌詞的含義。

Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins,原名Jayson Mick Jenkins,是一位來自芝加哥南區的饒舌歌手。他的音樂風格深受詩歌和社會議題的影響,並以其深思熟慮的歌詞和獨特的節奏感受到了廣泛的讚譽。他的首張專輯”The Healing Component”在2016年發布,並獲得了樂評人的高度評價。



JID,原名Destin Choice Route,是一位來自亞特蘭大的饒舌歌手。他的音樂風格深受爵士樂和靈魂樂的影響,並以其獨特的節奏感和深思熟慮的歌詞受到了廣泛的讚譽。他的首張專輯”The Never Story”在2017年發布,並獲得了樂評人的高度評價。

Mick Jenkins新專輯有譜了?

整體來說,這首”Smoke Break-Dance”是一個充滿節奏感和視覺吸引力的作品,透過Mick Jenkins和JID的歌詞,向聽眾展現了他們對生活的獨特觀察和反思。這首歌曲不僅是一首優秀的嘻哈歌曲,也是一個讓人深思的藝術作品。

Mix & Mastered by Introts
Shot & Directed by Andre Muir (Smuggler)

Mick Jenkins Verse

And I keep rolling up
And I keep rolling up
We blow it down
We blowing up
Hot air in me we going up
Still it’s
No feet going up
fees going up
We pouring up
We throwing up gang signs

Trees going up in flames find us a forest fire every smoke break
We opened up wespace nigga we gave art hang time
He tryna reclaim time
We finna rebuild no Home Depot wit us
People wit us
That come from the FaceTime
Lowkey like the baseline
Got smoke and I keep rolling up

Back to back baby

Yea I keep rolling up
Keep getting high
Beats getting low
We getting by
I can’t complain
I wouldn’t know
How to make you feel me
I know they can smell me tho
I know they can see a motherfucker coming from a mile away
I ain’t sending smoke signals big smoke send signals either way don’t it
Put an eight in it
Muthfucka got some weight on it
And some wax in it
Don’t play wit it
All the way from concentrate wit it
Juiced like Fresh OJ it’s the tangie that
I stay wit
Soon as they hit it
I keep rolling up
We blow it down
We blowing up
Hot air in me we going up
Still it’s
No feet going up
Fees going up
We pouring up
We throwing up gang signs

Hot boxing this smoke got hangtime

And I keep rolling up
And I keep rolling up

JID Verse
I roll this one for the road, two for the show, three for the dough
345 got a 50 piece from the wing spot (Ge-Ge-Ge-Geeked out my mind)
And I’m coming back with food and some ganja
But it’s only me and you in this place
Just a little bitty piece of weed will make a nigga feel like he ain’t going off the deep 
And I ain’t even been to sleep in about a week, didn’t even think about it
We was at the bottom, I was guided by the beats, guided by the guns, guided by the streets
Where the money said he got it by the week, we get it dog, got em by a leash
Try to find a little piece, but the mystery to me is unsolved
Take a breather, hit the reefer, smoke cough through the blunt fog
Got a stash full of big gas, I could tell you what they run for
But I don’t trap so it won’t matter, everybody do a blunt toast like the white folks when they clink glasses
Told my nigga add the fronto, so I move slow but I think faster
12 knocking at the front door, shh, be quiet keep passing it 
I don’t wanna see nobody that I know or love laying in a deep casket
But through all the stress and madness a nigga keep rolling up

Mick Jenkins Verse
Gotta figure that the problem niggas got is mental
Lotta niggas figure shit is only incidental
Go figure im keep smoking this tree
Roll one mo up why not 3


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